Thomas' Affiliations

Thomas is affiliated with several affluent organisations that he has given time, finance and service to, but none matter more to him than the Royal Society of St. George, the Order of St. Stanislas and the Miss Great Britain Pageant.

The Royal Society of St. George

Thomas with the owners of Brigs Sweets Company at the Royal Society of St George California branch inaugural tea, Beverly Hills, California - April 2017

Thomas is  a member of and the International Ambssador to the Royal Society of St. George. With the great and the good, and some of his friends in attendance, Thomas travelled to Beverly Hills, California, in 2017 to be present at one of the most exclusive social events of the year. The inaugural St. Georges’ Day event of the Royal Society of St. George, California

Thomas gives an educational speech at the inaugural event of the California branch of the Royal Society of St George, of which he is International Ambassador. Beverly Hills, April 2017

Chapter, has been one of the most anticipated events of his social diary. Whilst adressing those gathered, Thomas read a welcome letter he brought with him from meet and greet opportunities, Thomas enhanced this official event on the invitation of  the Chairman of the Royal Society of St. George, California branch. Thomas has a love of dedicated service and a deep desire to promote and defend the values and creed of the Royal Society of St. George. Proving to be a very popular addition to this elegant affair, Thomas was able to help acquire new members and further promote awareness of the Royal Society using his own special brand of magic. Thomas was featured in the Royal Society's California Branch Magazine, The Georgian. Click here to read the Georgian Magazine.


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Discover, learn and promote the vlaues of St. George by becoming a member of this illustrious Royal Society. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II is Patorn.

The Order of St. Stanislas

Thoms with his friends in the international order of St. Stanislas. Thomas holds the rank of Officer of the Order. Lancaste 2016.

Thomas is an officer of the Order of St. Stanislas, holding the rank of OOStS. He is also the webmaster for the Grand Priory of Great Britain, Malta and Gibraltar.  The Order of Saint Stanislas was established on the 8th of May 1765, by King Stanislas II Augustus Poniatowski, the last native King of the Commonwealth of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. The Order of Saint Stanislas was established by King Stanislas Agustus Poniatowski to honour the Patron of Poland and to reward those who deserved it.

It was a one class order and the highest decoration after the Order of the White Eagle which was first established in 1325. The Companions of the Order of Saint Stanislas, who were, at this time, limited in number to 100 persons had to prove descent from the nobility for at least five generations. Their duty, in the first instance, was faithfulness and obedience to the Monarch and State, and they were obliged to do charity work. The Order of Saint Stanislas is now a worldwide organisation with Priories established in most countries. The Order is a true international Brotherhood made up of Honourable men and women who live their lives according to the 13 pillars of chivalry, which they have taken an path to uphold. Membership into the Order is by invitation from a member in good standing

The Objects of the Order of St. Stanislas are as follows:

  • To provide services to humanity, mostly to those underprivileged, to support hospitals, hospices, schools, orphanages, homes for those with learning difficulties and/or mental illnesses and other worthy non-political causes throughout the world.
  • To award services rendered to humanity in all fields of human achievement.
  • To encourage global awareness and understanding by the inclusion into the order of representatives of all races, creeds and religions to further the cause of peace.
  • To uphold the spirit of chivalry, to continue the chivalric traditions and to foster these traditions in today's world.

Learn about the Order of St. Stanislas.

Learn more about this international order of Chivalry and Charitable giving. You too may be able to become a Knight of the order and truly make a difference within your community!

Miss Great Britain Pageant

Thomas is attached to the Miss Great Britain Pageant, Southeast competition, where he and the BMSF not only sponsor the crown for the winner, but Thomas actually places it upon the head of the winner when announced. The pageant is about beauty, but more importantly it provides an educational scholarchip for those involved.

As Thomas values education and history, Miss Great Britain ticked all of the boxes. Invited to become a sponsor by friend and Southeast franchise owner, Harley Street's celebrity aesthetic surgeon, Dr. Vincent Wong, Thomas and his team undertook this responsibility to their hearts. Through the years Miss Great Britain has evolved becoming one of ‘THE’ pageant systems to be part of.  The Miss Great Britain competition has helped launch the career of many well-known names including: Miss GB 1957 Leila Williams (Blue Peter presenter), Miss GB 1976 Dinah May (actress), Miss GB 1984 Debbie Greenwood (TV presenter), Miss GB 2006 Danielle Lloyd (Model, TV Personality) and Miss GB 2007 Preeti Desai (Model, film actress). The modern-day Miss Great Britain competition has been built upon an extensive history of successful pageants and has helped launch the careers of many women who entered.

The Miss Great Britain Pageant

Learn more about this wonderful educational organisation, where beauty is just a secondary component. Become a contestant or a sponsor today!