British Monarchist Society & Foundation

With friend and Patron, Royal and Executive Chef, Robert Kennedy, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Spring 2014

The British Monarchist Society is a stand alone entity (company), to which commercial enterprise for the British Monarchist brand is undertaken.  From monies generated by the commercial enterprising of the British Monarchist Society, the British Monarchist Foundation is able to be funded for its charitable undertakings such as the Red Box educational programme. The British Monarchist family has created a unique equation to which the Society operates, carrying out business and constructing a world class membership scheme on behalf of the British Monarchist Foundation. The British Monarchist Society was formally established five years ago with Companies House, and became an official company during the year of Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012. The Society originally came about ten years ago as an educated and popular response to the rising tide of republicanism with in the United Kingdom, which had gone largely unquestioned and unbalanced.

With Dr. Philip Benwell MBE, Chairman of the Australian Monarchist League.

As the organisation grew and its membership and supporters of the British Monarchy took to the “British Monarchist” brand, the need eventually came for a fundamental review and overhaul of the operations of the Society, which led to the evolution of the British Monarchist brand, the implementation of a charity and the addition of several other entities, which have seen the need for the Society change from a simple social grouping of like minded peoples, to the functioning trading arm and innovative think-tank of the British Monarchist brand of companies.

British Monarchsit Society & Foundation

To learn more about the BMSF, its works and achievements , or to become a member or  make a charitable donation, please visit the BMSF on the link below.